Project management KSA certification

Project management KSA certification

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The project management KSA certification (also known by the acronym PMKSAC; hereinafter, the certification) is the KSA certification (KSAC) of employable knowledge, employable skills, and employable abilities (KSAs) in project management.
The certification is developed by the Bratskaya Shkola, approved by the Educaship Alliance, marketed by The Economic Group, and delivered to you by the Virginia Institute of Technology.
The assessment consists of three parts:
    Orientation and consultation whether you need a project management credential and which one is more reasonable in regards to its cost, time, and scope.
    4-hour 200-question examination, similar to the PMP exam.
    Online or onsite assessment of 746 key project management concepts, which have higher probability to emerge at your PMP exam in our experience.
The assessment price is $399.95.
Target results
As a result, we will:
  1.     Fully assess your preparedness to the PMP exam, if you are going to take it. We will give you our estimate whether you will pass your PMP exam.
  2.     Grant you our in-house project management credential at no additional cost if you are scored 80% or higher.