We at The Economic Group rely on our partners in order to guarantee the quality of our offerings. Whether you are an ready-to-partner organization , current strategic ally , or would like to explore such a partnership , we would love to hear from you.

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Ready-to-partner organizations

If you represent a mature organization that is able to provide our patrons with high-quality solutions in English training, management, and/or secure information technology, we would like to explore strategic alliance possibilities in four easy steps:
  1. Offer us your product, service, or result. Please send us a description of those deliverables that you would like us to offer to our patrons all along with your complete pricing structure.
  2. Get your deliverable certified. If we see that our patrons may be benefited from your deliverables, you will be asked to provide our Portfolio with an example of your product in order to be certified.
  3. Execute the agreement form. If your deliverables get certified, you will be asked to execute our strategic alliance agreement.
  4. Start getting paid. After you execute the agreement, your deliverables will be offered to our patrons and their payments send to you.
With regard to your organization's type, no limitations exist. This may be a for-profit business, non-profit association, or, let say, government agency. If the sales exceed a specified in the agreement amount, as an additional reward, we will offer you to extend our strategic alliance up to a separate entity.
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Strategic allies

  • Education
    1. Bratskaya Shkola (Belarus)
  • Hands-on training
    1. WeDev.Club (Virgnia, USA)
  • Operations management
    1. International Club (Washington, DC USA)
  • Technology certifications
    1. Virginia Institute of Technology LLC (Virginia, USA)
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Partner-development pipeline

If your business is not mature yet, or you even are still considering becoming an entrepreneur, our Educaship Pipeline bundle of services can help. It features thorough assessment of potentials, selecting the business model, and some funds to cover startup expenses.