We at The Economic Group believe that, in the modern world, personnel is the key competitive advantage. Whether you are an aspiring professional, practitioner, or vocation explorer, we would love to be helpful.

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Aspiring professionals

To get credentialed. We are committed to helping any individual to land the employment that would utilize the best of employment candidates' potentials and be compensated at the highest possible level. The most comprehensive bundle of services is called the Educaship Pipeline; it features thorough assessment of potentials, selecting the career pathway, development of desired credentials, and job placement.
To become our apprentice. On an ongoing basis, we are also hiring aspiring information technology project managers. The program starts with a short bootcamp that covers project management, information technology, data analysis, and startup leadership. Then, apprentices are placed in initial jobs in order to gain valuable practical experience and competences.
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To join our network. We are welcome innovative practitioners subject-matter experts in English language training, information technology, or management to join their target communities of practice within the Educaship Alliance.

To land a job. We are always hiring for both ourselves and other members of the alliance. If you are looking for employment, let us know what your dream job is. That shall include what you offer and how you would like to be compensated. Second, we will explore our growing network's needs in order to find a match. Usually, we do.
To become our partner. Are you a business owner? If not, are you interested in becoming a one? We at The Economic Group are recruiting new partners; we also recruiting aspiring entrepreneurs for our Educaship Pipeline programme.
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Vocation explorers

We teamed up with WeDev.Club in order to help any individual to achieve their fullest potential. You are welcome to consider becoming a volunteer contributor or associate to learn about your passions and to discover your career potentials.