About us

Welcome to The Economic Group!

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Ihar Irkho

CEO & Founder

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Iliya Ledenev

CTO & Co-founder

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Daria Miller

UI/UX Designer

Who we are

We are developers. We are designers. We are cyber-security professionals. We are media architects. More importantly, we are integrators because we utilize a number of great solutions that are developed, designed, and contributed by others.

Legally, we are a non-profit corporation, currently headquartered in Michigan, chartered in Belarus in 1998 and in the United States in 2004. Since 2007, we have been sourcing, selecting, acquiring, and auditing amazing partners to help governmental, non-profit, and for-profit organizations to succeed in the current economy.

We maintain a great ratio of students and apprentices as developers not only to lower your budget, but also bring energy and innovation. At the same time, we keep key professionals to maintain highest quality of our services.

We carry security. Unmatched.

First of all, we offer only those solutions that security is certified by our strategic partner, Virginia Institute of Technology LLC. In addition, all and every piece of our technology is routinely monitored.

To locate our data centers, we look for the safest environments with regards to their privacy standards set up at the governmental level.

And, finally, only those employees who have obtained top secret security clearances would be able to access your most vulnerable data. Absolutely guaranteed.

We deliver more than just tech

Security is our top priority; our social responsibility comes next. We pledge our respect to environmental sustainability and condemn any kind of forced labor and torture. We also pledge that women compose at least a half of not only our personnel, but also c-level executives.

Our clients range from startups and small not-for-profits to hospitals and universities; we make sure that we serve those who share our core principals. Moreover, if your organization satisfies our social responsibility requirements, our donors may be able to cover a part or the whole costs of our services for you. Due to generous financial aid opportunities, a few development services are also offered on the pay-what-you-want basis.

We would love to wow!

We are not just about your technology. We are about you achieving your results using our technology on or under your budget. Because we want your achievement to be our achievements, we do not just equip you to beat your competition. We need to be on the same side in your battle against your competitors.

When we take you as our customer, we are committing to provide you with those solutions that your competitors cannot match. This is the key for our mutual success.

How are we going to do so? We are picky not only when it comes to technologies. We carefully select our patrons too. We can ask inconvenient questions. We don't mind to get you out of your comfort zone. If you are ready, let's get in touch.